Hi, I'm Ewen Le Bihan.

These are my creations.

Hi! I'm Ewen Le Bihan. I'm interested in almost anything that is both creative and digital.
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Affiche présentant la journée

The crisis: an organizational principle of the family?

I created the poster for a psychoanalysis event organized by two associations, the Le Petit Chose ¹ group, and the NR-CEREDA





Poster for a preparatory evening for a psychology congress around a Jacques Lacan quote: “La femme n’existe pas”¹


The original handout, with comments


Distill a math handout down to its core

an album in the “newstuff” page

subfeed for Spotify

The closest thing Spotify has to a subscription feed is the “Releases Radar” playlist, which, instead of simply displaying the latest releases of the artists it tracks, uses an algorithmic black box to mix them with other songs we might like.

A user types in a terminal window “wikitrad “spirited away” fr” and receives as an answer “Le Voyage de Chihiro”


Sometimes, a proper noun or a technical term fails to be translated using Google Translate or DeepL.


Animated logo

Logo animation for LeGmask

I helped LeGmask with his website by creating this logo animation, which is used on his portfolio as a loading spinner.

Cover art for playlist ‘rck’

Spotify playlist covers

Some covers for my main spotify playlists. Some of them appear on my Spotify artist profile

Synthesizer module connecting trigonometric formulas by cables

Trigonometry Synth

Looking for interesting ways to represent trigonometric identities, I tried to connect the different symmetry formulas of cos, sin, tan and cotan.

A screenshot of the website


A website to assist in the creation and understanding of UltiSnips shortcuts. Realized in four days.


Neptune’s album cover


This album represents different aspects of our strange and infinite universe.


HumanR’s logo


In the tenth grade, we were asked to create an advertising campaign for a fictitious organization fighting for human rights.

Unknown year

work in progress



A utility that complements portfoliodb and helps me in the process of registering each of my projects in my portfolio.


CPGE, first year, Mathematics


Since last year, I decided to compile all the courses of each year of scientific subjects in one document, leaving only the essentials. It was also with the writing of these summaries that I learned the LaTeX language.

Unknown year

A grid of various hand-drawn shapes

A shapes alphabet

How many different shapes can we create?



Avez-vous des idées soudaines que vous souhaiteriez simplement pouvoir attraper le plus vite possible, pour ne pas les perdre, sans devoir interrompre ce que vous étiez en train de faire ?


My portfolio has gone through many iterations. The aim was always to not only showcase my work, but also to provide a centralized place to host all of my contents, without having to depend on a third party service.


My custom git client which mirrors github