Hi, I'm Ewen Le Bihan.

These are my creations.

Hi! I'm Ewen Le Bihan. I'm interested in almost anything that is both creative and digital.
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most recent one

I am what I say

ACF organizes a preparatory conference for the 52 th days of the ECF , which are on the assignement of identities in the unrest of civilization.



The final poster

What makes violence ?

The ACF-VD asked me to create a poster announcing a conference on the origin of violence in humans.

The final poster

The crisis: an organizational principle of the family?

I created the poster for a psychoanalysis event organized by two associations, the Le Petit Chose ¹ group, and the NR-CEREDA

A first poster for a seminar on Saturday February 08, 2020

From listening to interpretation

I made the poster for a symposium organized by the ACF-VD on the question of interpretation and the place of psychoanalysis in today’s society, in partnership with the Sauramps bookstores.



Poster for a preparatory evening for a psychology congress around a Jacques Lacan quote: “La femme n’existe pas”¹


checkitout page showing a recommended artist

subfeed for Spotify

The closest thing Spotify has to a subscription feed is the “Releases Radar” playlist, which, instead of simply displaying the latest releases of the artists it tracks, uses an algorithmic black box to mix them with other songs we might like.

Le polycopié original, avec des commentaires et remarques


Distill a math handout down to its core

A user types in a terminal window “wikitrad “spirited away” fr” and receives as an answer “Le Voyage de Chihiro”


Sometimes, a proper noun or a technical term fails to be translated using Google Translate or DeepL.

Pratice in institution: location of the symptom

I desgined a poster annoucing a psychoanalysis conference on the current trend of the fragmentation of the psychoanalytic pratice in neurocognitive deficiencies.


Animated logo

Logo animation for LeGmask

I helped LeGmask with his website by creating this logo animation, which is used on his portfolio as a loading spinner.

Pochette pour la playlist ‘rck’

Spotify playlist covers

Some covers for my main spotify playlists. Some of them appear on my Spotify artist profile

Module de synthétiseur reliant formules trigonométriques par des câbles

Trigonometry Synth

Looking for interesting ways to represent trigonometric identities, I tried to connect the different symmetry formulas of cos, sin, tan and cotan.

Une capture d’écran du site


A website to assist in the creation and understanding of UltiSnips shortcuts. Realized in four days.

A first poster for a seminar on Saturday February 08, 2020

Things of finesse in psychoanalysis

I made two posters announcing internal seminars of study in psychoanalysis.


affiche “recto”

Le rêve éclair(e)

The ACF-VD asked me to create a poster announcing a preparatory day for a WAP congress on the interpretation and use of dreams. The title is a play on the words “éclair”, meaning “lightning”, “éclaire”, derived from “éclairer” meaning “to light up” (used here figuratively as “to uncover”). These two readings of the title give rise to a double meaning, “the flash dream” and “the dream uncovers”.

The final poster

From one to the other

The ACF-VD asked me to design the poster announcing two preparatory evenings for the 49th days of the École de la Cause freudienne.

The final poster

Why do a psychoanalysis today?

ACF-VD asked me to design a poster announcing a psychoanalysis conference.

Pochette d’album de Neptune


This album represents different aspects of our strange and infinite universe.

Une version à fond blanc, avec texte réarrangé

Cartel news (2019)

The ACF-VD commissioned me to design a poster announcing a psychoanalysis conference

The final poster

What truth reveals the child’s symptom?

ACF-VD asked me to create a flyer and a poster for a day of psychoanalysis on the question of the interpretation of the parents’ word in the treatment of a child.


Logo de HumanR


In the tenth grade, we were asked to create an advertising campaign for a fictitious organization fighting for human rights.


This album explores sonic textures, and how conventionally “un-musical” sounds, such as walking through snow, can be used as samples to create specific atmospheres and evoque particular concepts.


A specimen of the font, showing the alphabet


My first venture into typeface design. I regularly have font ideas, and they almost always end up as just that, ideas drawn on page corners.


Un album sorti en juin 2017 (période où mon nom d’artiste était Mx3 ), avec un pochette re-designée pour la sortie de l’album sur Spotify


Flat fruits

In middle school, I made a series of flat design illustrations of objects, mostly fruits. Some of these illustrations have been published to the minimalist wallpaper site https://simpledesktops.com.

work in progress


Abstract shapes with strange colors “The original drawing, serving as a template”

Abstract wallpapers per color scheme

My PC is configured to change its theme automatically at dusk and dawn, automatically changing the themes of various applications between light and dark. The wallpaper also changes, to be mostly dark or mostly light.


Condensé de mathématiques de MPSI


Since last year, I decided to compile all the courses of each year of scientific subjects in one document, leaving only the essentials. It was also with the writing of these summaries that I learned the LaTeX language.

Unknown year


Accumulation drawings without a particular figurative goal, where I simply draw what’s going through my mind. You could call it “pictural improvisation”.



Avez-vous des idées soudaines que vous souhaiteriez simplement pouvoir attraper le plus vite possible, pour ne pas les perdre, sans devoir interrompre ce que vous étiez en train de faire ?

A grid of various hand-drawn shapes “The initial idea, drawn on paper”

A shapes alphabet

How many different shapes can we create?