Hi, I'm Ewen Le Bihan.

These are my creations.

I'm interested in almost anything that is both creative and digital.



Drawing at the school of fine arts in Nîmes, painting and sculpture workshops. Since I was 7 years old, I've been composing electronic music, taking piano and DJ lessons and participating in a music production masterclass. During my college years, I made many posters and logos using various software (3D, motion design, graphic design...)


I learned to program in different computer languages: HTML, Python and JavaScript, which allowed me to create my website and, currently, a web application for students. All my programming projects are visible to everyone on my GitHub profile: all my projects are "Open Source".


English being essential to read documentations, I have deepened this language (TOEIC Bridge: 176/180), conversed by mail with an American to realize a logo. I am also fascinated by writing since childhood: Cyrillic (hence my choice of LV3, Russian), Greek (private lessons) and hiraganas and katakanas (Japanese, self-taught).


I'm also interested in mathematic's language: I chose to continue my scientific education after high school by enrolling in a "classe préparatoire aux grandes écoles", an intensive 2-year program that prepares students for the competitive entrance exams to the top engineering schools. I sometimes learn complex mathematical concepts by browsing on wikipedia or by watching videos from YouTube channels such as "3Blue1Brown" or "Numerphile".

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