April 2021


Distill a math handout down to its core

During my first year of studies in the mathematical field (just after graduation from high school), my professor of mathematics would give us handouts, that were not only accessible on his website as PDFs, but also as .tex files: I had access to the handouts’ sources, written in LaTeX.

Therefore, I could fill the blanks in those handouts by directly editing the source code, and rendering it as a PDF.

This project allowed me to extract theorems, definitions, colloraries and more from these handouts, when the time to quickly go over the test material had come.

The original handout
The original handout, with comments
The same handout after processing by distilatex
A distilled version, containing nothing but theorems and definitions

This was also my first project written in Rust, a programming language I had decided to learn in 2021.

Source code

Time spent

1 hour 27 minutes

made with

  • Rust
  • LaTeX