January 2023



Loca7 is the housing search platform for students of ENSEEIHT, my engineering school.

The platform previously worked with a single manager, a student from the student association, who had to perform the archiving and correction part of the ads on request from the owners.

The need was twofold:

  1. Give the site a new coat of paint
  2. Have an account system so that owners can manage their ads

A new appearance

Prototype Figma

I first designed the website on Figma, an interface prototyping tool.

Figma Prototype

I also created by hand the different icons of the site to have a real visual identity (and because I like to do that)

The website
Source code

Time spent

317 hours 26 minutes

made with

  • Svelte
  • SvelteKit
  • TypeScript
  • MJML
  • Figma