subfeed for Spotify

The closest thing Spotify has to a subscription feed is the “Releases Radar” playlist, which, instead of simply displaying the latest releases of the artists it tracks, uses an algorithmic black box to mix them with other songs we might like.

The problem is that sometimes you can miss an album: Spotify only displays one track from an entire album in its playlist. Moreover, the tracks are not sorted in chronological order by release date, which seems intuitive.

Wanting something simpler, I decided to work on a small web application allowing me to get the full picture of what my favorite artists have just released.

an album in the “newstuff” page

Moreover, a “maybefollow” tab suggests artists to follow. The suggestion algorithm is clear and simple: when you liked at least 5 tracks from a not-followed artist, it appears here.

checkitout page showing a recommended artist

The application was made with the excellent new web framework Svelte, and was first prototyped in an open source alternative to Figma, Penpot.

prototype of a “newstuff” page album
prototype of a “newstuff” page album
implemented version of the prototype
implemented version of the prototype

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38+ hours spent on this

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