I am what I say

ACF organizes a preparatory conference for the 52 th days of the ECF , which are on the assignement of identities in the unrest of civilization.


Pratice in institution: location of the symptom

I desgined a poster annoucing a psychoanalysis conference on the current trend of the fragmentation of the psychoanalytic pratice in neurocognitive deficiencies.


Pochette pour la playlist ‘rck’

Spotify playlist covers

Some covers for my main spotify playlists. Some of them appear on my Spotify artist profile

Module de synthétiseur reliant formules trigonométriques par des câbles

Trigonometry Synth

Looking for interesting ways to represent trigonometric identities, I tried to connect the different symmetry formulas of cos, sin, tan and cotan.


Pochette d’album de Neptune


This album represents different aspects of our strange and infinite universe.



This album explores sonic textures, and how conventionally “un-musical” sounds, such as walking through snow, can be used as samples to create specific atmospheres and evoque particular concepts.



Un album sorti en juin 2017 (période où mon nom d’artiste était Mx3 ), avec un pochette re-designée pour la sortie de l’album sur Spotify


Flat fruits

In middle school, I made a series of flat design illustrations of objects, mostly fruits. Some of these illustrations have been published to the minimalist wallpaper site