Sometimes, a proper noun or a technical term fails to be translated using Google Translate or DeepL.

Google Translate’s interface, showing Spirited Away translated as enlevée comme par enchantement
Google Traduction doesn't translate movie titles to their versions in the target language
interface de DeepL, montrant spirited away traduit en emmené loin et Spirited Away (avec des majuscules) laissé tel quel
DeepL ne traduit pas les noms propres non plus
English Wikipedia article on Spirited Away, as well as a link to the article’s french version, showing Le Voyage de Chihiro — French as a title
Wikipedia has links to other articles on the same topic in other languages

I found another way to translate those terms: Wikipedia, which has millions of articles in hundreds of languages, all with links to read the page in another language.

I therefore created this little command-line program to automate the task: look for a page in the source language, get the link to the target language’s article, get that article’s title.

A user types in a terminal window “wikitrad “spirited away” fr” and receives as an answer “Le Voyage de Chihiro”
Example use case for the translation of a movie’s title

I also used langdetect to determine the source language, in case it isn’t provided by the user.

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