From listening to interpretation

I made the poster for a symposium organized by the ACF-VD on the question of interpretation and the place of psychoanalysis in today’s society, in partnership with the Sauramps bookstores.

The association contacted the artist Pablo Reinoso to use a photograph of his work Interprétation renversante1 as a basis for the poster.

Pablo Reinoso’s Interprétation Renversante: an armchair and a bench on a floor, with the bench tilted, leaning against a white wall
Interprétation Renversante by Pablo Reinoso

I made a poster, as well as a “back-side” version, containing an explanation motivating the symposium called argument.

Poster announcing the symposium
Back of the poster, with argument

Management of registrations is done via HelloAsso. This platform allows the personalization of the page of the event through the setting on line of a banner and a thumbnail. I also made these two additional graphic resources.

Banner with the title and a part of the work
Thumbnail with the work, the title and the date of the symposium
Screenshot of the helloasso website, with the banner visible at the top of the page
The event page on

The poster was distributed by mail via ECF Messager, the official mailing list of the École de la Cause freudienne.

Capture of the email from the ECF messenger, displaying the poster at the top



lit. “Reversing Interpretation”

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