What makes violence ?

The ACF-VD asked me to create a poster announcing a conference on the origin of violence in humans.

The objective for the poster was not to represent violence in an explicit, figurative way, but rather to suggest it via abstract or semi-abstract imagery.

A first draft of the poster uses a concentric abstract geometric shape, representing the vicious circle of violence. The shape is in some ways similar to a cell, adding the element of life inherent in the concept of violence.

A concentric geometric shape
A first poster using this shape
An image “glitched” in a certain way
a glitched image
Another image “glitched” in a certain way
another glitched image

The second idea, finally retained, is to “glitch” an image, this technique simulates the artifacts of technical failure, of corruption of a digital support.

A teenager in front of a contemporary art work, an assembly of white neon lights in a white tunnel
original image

Corruption is here linked to the human dimension to mean violence, a corruption of the human spirit.

This same image, but with glitch artifacts
The final poster, using the previous “glitched” image
final poster, front
The back of the poster, containing an explanatory text
final poster, back

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